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  1. What is a logon?  
  A logon consists of two items: A User name and a Password.

  2. I am a student enrolled in a class. How do I get a logon? 
  If you have been pre-registered by your college your instructor 
  will provide the information. Your instructor may also require
  you to self-register from here:

  3. I am a self-study student. How do I get a logon?
  Go to and click on register. Fill in all the fields and 
  under “Class code” enter “Self”.

  4. What is an Activation code?
  The Activation code will "activate" your record on the system and 
  therefore allow you to access the labs. It is a 16 digit code made up of 
  numbers only (no letters).

  5. How many products is my Activation code good for?
  One. The Activation code is valid for one product and a "product" here 
  includes all the labs necessary for any given book. Depending on the 
  type of topic you are studying for a book can include as few as 
  three labs and as many as 30.

  6. Where can I find my activation code?
  A code is provided with new text books only. 
  If you have purchased a previously used book then you may need to purchase
  a new code separately. Check with your college book store.

  7. How do I activate the software?
  After being enrolled on (either on your own using "Register" 
  or by getting a  logon from your instructor) go to and 
  under "Please login" enter your User name and Password. In the left navigation 
  pane click on "Activate Tests" and click on "Edit" on the line of the lab you want 
  to activate. In the field under the header "Activation Code" enter your Activation 
  Code and click on Submit. For an example click here.

  8. How do I sign in to an exam or lab?
  The Exam Sign-in requires your User Name as well as your Class Code
  (your instructor has the class code). To sign-in you will need to click
  "Start" on your machine, then “All Programs” and then on "Start dtiMetrics".
  Select the subject you need to sit for by double clicking it and your "dtiMetrics Sign in"
  form will open. Enter your Class Code and User Name (neither is case sensitive) and
  click “Submit”. If you have entered a valid Class Code and User Name, the
  "Submit" button will change to "Enter", click it. You will now choose the appropriate
  Exam by double clicking it. The "Exam Availability date verification" form will appear,
  click "Check" and assuming you are scheduled for the exam you clicked the "Check"
  button will change to "Open Exam". Note that as soon as you click "Open Exam"
  the exam timer will start ticking, so make sure you are ready to lab before clicking it.  
  For an illustrated example click here.

  9. Can I register and add the Class code later?
  Yes, click “Register” and just fill in all the other fields including creating 
  your own User name (for the user name we recommend you use 
  your email address) and Password, then click on "Submit". 
  Next time you come back in with your Class code you will NOT use 
  "Register" but just sign in under "Please login" using the User name 
  and Password you created.

 10. Can I enter my Activation code and add the Class code later?
  No, you will be required to enter your Class code prior to Activation. 
  Get your Class code from your instructor.

 11. What is the difference between a Class Code and an Activation Code?
  The Class Code assigns you to a class so the instructor can see your lab results
  while the  Activation Code is your proof of purchase. Another difference is that the
  Class Code is re-used several times (each time you sign-in to an exam on the
  client software) while the Activation Code is entered only once at
  under Activate Tests.

 12. How do I recognize an Activation Code?
  The Activation Code is a 16 digit number that is typically given to you on a
  voucher document. If it is emailed to you it is still a 16 digit number but you
  can now copy and paste it into the Activation Code field at
  under Activate Tests.

 13. What is an Exam Sign-in?
  The Exam Sign-in is the logon you use to start an exam or lab. Each time your
  instructor schedules an exam you will need to sign-in to the exam which is taken.

 14. What is the dtiMetrics tutorial?
  It is a replication of the testing environment that will allow you to familiarize yourself
  with the user interface and navigation in the software. You would typically only use it
  once as the navigation is exceedingly simplified in the dtiMetrics software.
  You would probably not know the answers to this mock “test” of a handful of questions
  but that does not matter as your grade is only seen by yourself and is not saved.
  In fact the software is a "dummy" in the sense that it only acts as if it was connecting
  to the reports database but is not. This also means that any class code and any
  username will  work when launching it.

 15. What are the System Requirements?
  To see System Requirements for the MS Office 2007 topics
  (Word 2007, Excel  2007, PowerPoint 2007, and Access 2007 click here.
  For all other exam topics  see below:

   Intel Pentium 600 MHz or greater
   Video Card Resolution of 800x600
   Minimum of 128 MB RAM
   Minimum of 100 MB HD
   Connection speed of 56 kbps or faster

 Settings and Software:
   Windows 98; NT; 2000; XP or 2003
   Browser versions: IE 4.01 including SP2 or higher – Firefox 2.0 or higher  
   Macromedia Flash Player 7.0 or higher
   Screen resolution set at 800x600
   Cookies must be allowed
   Temporarily disable pop-up blockers
   Allow active content to run on your computer while running the class
   Valid email address username will  work when launching it.